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Experiment With Stamped Concrete With These Brisbane Concreter-approved Ideas

Stamped Concrete

Want to give your outdoor area a makeover without blowing your budget? Then stamped concrete should be your material of choice. Using it is a great way to get the look and feel of more expensive stones at a fraction of the cost and installation time. Here are a few ideas for using stamped concrete in your outdoor home environment from successful Brisbane concreters.


Stamped concrete involves taking a slab of cement and imprinting stone or brick shapes onto it so that it looks like the real thing. It’s durable and is low-maintenance if it is created correctly, which involves adding expansion joints or expansion cuts in the cement to prevent it from cracking and reinforcing it with steel reinforcing mesh to increase its strength.


Imitation wood: Get the look of wooden planks without the usual price tag and high maintenance required. You can have your concrete stamped and bevelled to fake the appearance of wood floor planks. Concrete can easily be coloured, which means you could create anything from a light to a dark wood-like finish. This effect looks great on outdoor porches and surrounding pools.

Slate tiles: Slate tiles are well-suited to outdoor entertainment areas, but can be damaged or worn down by foot traffic and extreme weather. Why not get the look and feel of slate tiles with long-lasting concrete instead? The result will be an attractive outdoor barbeque platform that won’t stain easily and will be a breeze to clean, no matter what is spilt on it.

A sealed finish: When you have an entrance area for your business or office and want to make a good impression, a sealed stamped concrete finish is a good choice as it not only looks more professional but also requires less maintenance. A sealed finish resists smudges that usually accumulate in high traffic areas (whether on foot or by vehicle).

Stamped concrete is incredibly versatile. It’s a material that lends itself well to creativity, so if you have something in mind, it’s worth discussing with your Brisbane Concreter to find out if it’s feasible. At Brisbane Decorative Concrete, we do our best to make all things possible. Call us today to get started.