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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I obtain a quote?

A. Firstly call us or request a quote through our website.

Q. What does m² stand for?

A. m² is a unit of measurement. It is short for square meter. For example 1 m long times 1 m wide equals 1 m² or 1 square metre

Q. What does MPa stand for?

A. MPa is a unit of measurement MPa stands for megapascal. The term is used in concrete to describe its compressive strength.

Q. What is a quality MPa or strength of concrete?

A. The normal class of domestic concrete can range from 17.5 MPa upwards to 50 MPa, compressive strength, this strength increases over a 28day period. We typically use 20 MPa and 25 MPa for domestic paths, footings, and driveways etc unless requested otherwise.

Q. What kind of steel reinforcing will be used in my driveway?

A. We use what is referred to as SL72 steel reinforcing mesh within concrete driveways. This steel mesh is typically placed on top of plastic chairs elevating it towards the middle of the concrete pad.

Q. How long until I can walk or drive on my concrete?

A. Depending on the concrete finish, it is normally ok to tentatively walk on new concrete after about 12 hours. We normally recommend not driving on your new driveway for a minimum of 7 days.

Q. When should I apply sealer to my new concrete?

A. Concrete sealer including acrylic sealer, high-performance poxy and urethane should be applied 28 days after the concrete has been placed.

Q. How often should I seal my decorative concrete?

A. Depending on factors such as wear and tear, sun exposure and other weathering effects will depend on how often decorative concrete should be sealed. We normally recommend re sealing every two years.

Q. Can cracks be repaired?

A. Cracks can be repaired or treated in a few ways, however the crack repair will be far more noticeable than the original crack itself.  We recommend after a crack has been treated or repaired that a resurfacing product is then laid over the top of the entire area to cover over the repair.

Q. Do I need expansion cuts in my concrete?

A. It is highly recommended to run expansion cuts through your concrete in strategic areas to reduce the risk of visible cracking.

Q. How can I make my old concrete look new again?

A. There are many ways to rejuvenate concrete, it does however depend on every individual circumstance. These options include washing and ceiling, ceiling with a tint, resurfacing or stencilling.

Q. What is stamped concrete?

A. Stamped Concrete is concrete that has had a textured mat pressed into it at a critical time during the placement of new concrete, these stamp mats can resemble many different effects like a Slate Tile, Brick, Flagstone, Bush Rock, London Cobble and even Wood Planks. It is commonly used for patios, paths, pool surrounds and driveways.

Q. What is exposed aggregate?

A. Exposed aggregate is concrete that has had its top surface washed off to reveal the stones beneath (exposing the aggregate), there are many exposed aggregate concrete mixes to choose from.

Q. What is coloured concrete?

A. Coloured concrete is typically plain concrete with an integral colour or oxide added to the concrete mix giving it a particular colour.

Q. What is stencilled concrete?

A. Stencilled concrete is often mistaken for stamped concrete however stencilled concrete is commonly placed over the top of previously placed concrete at a later date, stencilling offers a large range of styles to choose from.

Q. Why should I choose stamped concrete?

A. Stamped concrete offers a very realistic artificial pattern that can resemble the real thing.

Q. Why should I choose exposed aggregate?

A. Exposed aggregate is a very popular option. It offers good value for money, a hard wearing surface with very low maintenance.

Q. Why should I choose coloured concrete?

A. Coloured concrete is a cheap and effective way to upgrade your concrete from a plain grey look, to a stylish coloured concrete that can compliment your home or surrounding areas.

Q. Why should I choose stencil concrete?

A. Stencilled concrete is the perfect way to totally change the look of your concrete at an affordable price.

Q. Why should I have my concrete sealed?

A. By sealing your concrete on a regular basis (every two years or so), you will increase the lifespan of your concrete surface dramatically. In particular it is highly recommended to seal stamped and stencilled concrete.

Q. My concrete is slippery. What can be done?

A. In most cases decorative concrete can be sealed and during this process a anti slip grit can be added.

Q. What is your lead time?

A. This can vary but our normal lead time is two weeks.

Q. How long will it take to complete my project?

A. This can also vary depending on the project but for a normal driveway, 50 square meters as an example, we normally allow day 1 to excavate and prep and day 2 to place and finish.

Q. Why does Concrete crack?

A. Concrete cracks as a result of the concrete expanding and contracting, this is a natural occurrence.

Q. What is your Square metre rate?

A. We don’t actually have a Square metre rate, we quote on a case by case basis.