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Exposed Concrete

The lowest maintenance, best value for money, decorative concrete that you can buy!

If you are considering the use of exposed aggregate concrete products, you are making a value-conscious decision about utilizing a quality product as your concrete surface.

People are often confused by the many other names this process carries, such as pebblecrete, pebbletex, and pebbletech.

However, these are all names of coating products and not actually exposed aggregate concrete.
There are also many brand names from major suppliers representing essentially the same product. Geostone, Expose, and Imagecrete.

If pre-specified, we are happy to use your specified product. However, we recommend and offer the Boral Decorative range for its extensive range, established market leadership and premium performance.

Exposed Aggregate concrete is often referred to as a ‘builders favourite’. That is due to its many positive factors against very few negatives. If you don’t like the look of exposed aggregate, then you should be looking at other options, but for those that are attracted to its finish, it is a great selection for many reasons. It’s cost – effective, durable and requires less maintenance. It also won’t show wear and tear as quickly or badly as many other finishes.

The process of deciding what look to go for can often confuse many people. This brochure should assist with that, but also offer you insights into the various patterns and colour schemes available, and possibly inspire you into choosing a mix that complements your surrounding area.

When first considering the product and comparing it against alternative solutions, it is best for you to be aware of its benefits and limitations.

Exposed aggregate

So you’ ve decided to get exposed aggregate concrete?

Let us help guide you through the questions you now face.


It is our recommendation for aesthetics, to always go with at least 2 different coloured stones or in the event of going with one coloured stone, using an oxide base similar to the stone colour. Within this decision, consideration should also be given to the aggregate type, such as rounded river stones or sharper crushed / quarried stones.

IMPORTANTLY you must check availability of the mix you like to your area at hymix.com.au/products/hylite


It is our recommendation to aim for a medium wash. A light wash can look less even and a heavy wash can look a bit full on. A light wash is good for stone durability in the extreme long term, but there is little discernible difference between a light and medium wash.

A heavy wash, whilst again a very minimal impact, can reduce the stone stability in the very long term. However, not all situations suit a medium wash best. For example around a pool where it is predominantly walked on barefoot, a light wash might be preferred, whereas on a steep driveway, a heavy wash for added grip may be needed.

However, if a light wash is ever wanted for the smoothness factor, it is simply a better option to go with a honed finish, even though the higher cost of this may inhibit some. As for heavy wash on a steep driveway, we recommend you request a stronger cement base to help lock the stones in better.


It is our recommendation to give your exposed aggregate an acid wash and seal in most circumstances if your budget allows. There are two main types of sealer: top coatIng and penetrating. Typically, if we seal, we use a top coating acrylic sealer which enhances the stone colours. Speak with us if you’re interested in knowing more about these options.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Please note: The photos provided are close examples, exposed aggregate materials are organic products and natural variances can and will apply.