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5 Reasons to Consider Stamped Concrete in Brisbane

We want what’s best for our assets and investments. That is why when it comes to patio, driveway, and walkway improvements, many homeowners choose stamped concrete because it is cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

High-quality decorative concrete designs are a product of a skilled workforce, experienced workmanship, and professional service. It is best to keep these key points in mind when getting stamped concrete in Brisbane. Let us take a closer look at what makes decorative concrete an excellent option for your house.

Stamped Concrete

1. Save Time in Installation

One of the key selling points of stamped concrete is it is easy to install. As a result, ways to incorporate decorative concrete methods into urban spaces are increasing. In fact, the global market for decorative concrete is expected to skyrocket at approximately 6.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Unlike traditional concrete, installing stamped concrete is far less labour-intensive. However, concrete stamping could be susceptible to a large room for error. The right amount of cement and water must be mixed well to prevent mistakes from happening. If the composite material contains too much water, rough edges and poor finish may happen. On the other hand, too much cement leads to dryness and may result in crack problems. Thus, finding the balance between the wet and dry materials is crucial for stamped concrete installation.

2. Endless Aesthetic Possibilities

Providing various options always work in building customer relationship in every business. With decorative concrete, customers have endless choices in terms of design, texture, and pattern. Choosing stamped concrete in Brisbane is like hitting two birds with one stone. Instead of using actual brick, flagstone, and cobblestone, among others, stamped concrete can mimic the physical appearance of these materials. You get realistic-looking textures by utilising a cost-effective method. That is stamped concrete.

Selecting the right pattern and texture for your patio, driveway, or walkway can be challenging. Luckily, each stamped concrete contractor had their stamp patterns ready based on your area’s most requested. Here are some of the most popular stamped concrete patterns:

  • Sized cobblestone stamped concrete
  • Ashlar slate stamped concrete
  • Slate stamped concrete
  • Wood stamped concrete
  • Seamless stamped concrete
  • Flagstone stamped concrete
  • Pebble stones stamped concrete
  • Brick stamped concrete
  • Slate and brick combination stamped concrete
  • Stamped and shaped patio

3. Value for Customer’s Money

Since money is a contentious matter, decorative concrete has become a sustainable alternative for authentic materials. Many factors affect the cost of stamped concrete in Brisbane. The principal determiner is the size of the area to install stamped concrete on. Other factors like location, contractor, and material used will contribute to the costs, too.

It is necessary to remember that the entire installation process puts up a significant part of the project costs. Stamped concrete installation activities typically consist of a series of tasks, such as preparing the site, mixing, laying, and paying the concrete, and applying the finish. Expect that every work done to be charged hourly. Some contractors charge a project as a whole. But if you want a fixed price, insist on the pricing before the project commences.

To end up with an ideal price range, ask for quotations from various contractors. Look them up and study their reference. Then choose the best three. From there you can negotiate the prices.

4. Durability and Environment-Friendly

Aside from being cost-efficient, concrete, in general, last a long time with no significant deterioration. As a durable material, stamped concrete can help the environment by conserving resources and reducing wastes and the impacts of repair and replacement to the environment. The manufacturing of replacement construction materials exhausts natural resources and pollutes the air and water.

While maintaining its engineering properties, concrete can resist weathering, chemical change, and abrasion. The durability of concrete depends on many factors. To provide the most suitable concrete for stamping, contractors consider the exposure of concrete to the environment and the material’s flexibility. Commonly, concrete infrastructures’ life span is 30 years. Yet, some buildings last 50 to 100 years or longer because of their durability.

5. Not High Maintenance

We already know that stamped concrete is the best option for property improvement because, price-wise and material-wise, it checks all the boxes. The next big thing to learn is how to maintain decorative concretes.

It is a known fact that all building materials deteriorate as time goes by. But you can maximise the longevity of stamped concrete by well-thought maintenance methods.

Taking care of patios, walkways, and driveways becomes easier with stamped concrete. You do not need power tools or heavy equipment to get rid of dirt from the get-go. All it takes is a garden hose with high water pressure and a generous amount of dish soap. And by sweeping, you can get rid of little mess and small debris. Also, sealing stamped concrete every other year helps prevent chips and cracks and preserve its colour.

Other Considerations to Get Your Head on Straight

To sum it all up, stamped concrete is an excellent slab. However, getting to high-quality concrete works is not a one-man show. Even if you purchase premium materials but do not entrust the installation to an expert, the result might not be as expected. The best results can be achieved through the combination of all great things. If you want the best for your property, do not compromise and take second chances. Always consult a professional first before getting stamped concrete in Brisbane because experts know how concrete works to improve your patios, walkways, driveways, and even pools.

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