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4 Signs That It Is Time for Stamped Concrete Restoration

It is without a doubt that concrete highly contributes to the structural integrity of the infrastructure it is a part of. Regardless of the material’s strength, durability, and resilience, concrete’s aesthetic possibilities are limitless, too. Thus, anyone will find harmony in decorative concrete in terms of appearance and longevity. But like most composite materials, concrete wears out over time and becomes susceptible to many forms of damages.

Signs You Need Turn to an Expert of Stamped Concrete Restoration

Since stamped concrete is one of the inexpensive options available, it is no wonder why some homeowners would opt to use it. However, this type of decorative concrete can fall victim to damages caused by harsh weather conditions and corrosion, among others. But save your worries now because you can address concrete problems through stamped concrete restoration before they get out of hand.

You might have concrete concerns in your property you fail to notice. So, we created a list below consisting of five wake-up calls that will convince you to pick up your phone and call a concrete repair and restoration service provider. Restoring cracked driveways is not a job for the faint at heart. It is labour extensive and time-consuming. So, make up your mind and read each item in the list thoroughly.

Here is what you need to look out for when concrete is starting to deteriorate:

1. Cracking of Concrete Surface

It has always been an uphill battle repairing cracks on stamped concretes, so much more during spring and fall when the days are warms and the nights are colder. Although preventing concrete from crusting can go a long way, sometimes it just does not matter how hard you try. Cracks will always prevail on the surface. Do not call a contractor yet because you can work your way around minor cracks.

  • Ball-Peen Hammer

Grab a ball-peen hammer. Use the hammer’s head and tap on and around the cracks. If the cracks begin to close up, you succeed in your task. It is surprising how many of those minute cracks you can get rid of by only using a ball-peen hammer alone. This method always works best before the concrete entirely cures or the day before it has been poured.

  • Colour Hardener

If hammering cracks did not work, you might have missed the right timing. In this case, try using a colour hardener. Mix it with fine sand and a little water until the mixture is putty-like. Fill the cracks with the mixture. Then clean the excess slurry with a damp rag. When the cracks worsen, it is best to consult a stamped concrete contractor. Haphazardly handling things may lead to more serious concrete problems.

2. Chips Around Grout Lines

Properly curing concrete is necessary to avoid damage. A stamped concrete that dries up too fast is prone to chips around the grout line. Not just that—mishandling stamps could cause a blow-out on the concrete surface. You can go out of your way to fix it. The easiest way to remedy things is using a cement-based material. The challenge, though, is getting to the closest possible colour of the concrete. You can use the colour hardener in this case as well. Get a handful of colour hardener and mix it with fine and water until it becomes putty-like like the consistency you use in fixing tiny surface cracks.

3. Discolouration and Variation of Colours

A lot of factors can contribute to the discolouration of stamped concretes. Some of these factors are out of your control. But it does not mean concrete discolouration is unfixable. There are ways to mitigate discolouration problems on stamped concretes. The first thing to do is determine if the colour variation is on the surface only or in the concrete.

Inconsistent washing of powder release can cause a colour variation on the surface because some stick harder on certain spots. For discolouration of stamped concrete surfaces, use a power washer to rinse off more powder release. Aside from a washer, you can also use a floor buffer machine with a scrubbing pad. If you have no access to these tools, the last option left is to use a diluted with water muriatic acid. Little goes a long way.

4. Inconsistent Concrete Texture

Among the common stamped concrete problems, an inconsistent texture is one thing you cannot repair yourself. Let a contractor work on concrete texture problems. Even contractors only have a single shot at making sure the concrete surface is flawless. For example, on a hot when concrete dries up easily, some tasks must be postponed the next day or until the weather is appropriate for stamping concrete activities.

Even if you already know the common issues of stamped concrete and the least you could do to address these problems, it does not mean you should skip consulting a contractor. These DIY methods are only temporary remedies and do not guarantee a 100% repair on damaged concrete. The best and the last option left is to call a decorative concrete contractor to work on cracks, blowouts, discolourations, and inconsistent textures.

How to Easily Identify Problems on Concrete

Concerns related to concrete have solutions. But to find the best solution to a concrete problem, you have to identify the root cause beforehand. Your best way around this is inspection and observation. Some concrete problems like cracks and discolourations are visible to the naked eye. That makes them easy to point out. However, some internal damages could be hard to identify. A situation like this calls for an expert’s intervention.

Ensuring the structural integrity of a property is crucial for your safety. That is why, if you speculate problems on any concrete work, do not hesitate to talk with a professional. They know when it is crucial for concrete restoration services. Although you can do things yourself, it is still best to consult someone who has experience in managing concrete problems and to learn more about potential stamped concrete problems.

Let Decorative Concrete SEQ Take Care of Stamped Concrete in Your Property

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