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Why should you hire a professional Brisbane concreter from the Brisbane Decorative Concrete team to help create your driveway, walkway, patio or pool area? While concrete looks like a simple material that’s easy to work with, it’s anything but. If you’ve ever attempted to work the concrete, you’ll know that things can get messy and complicated fast. Even if you do manage to work with concrete, it’s no guarantee that you’ve created something stable, safe or long lasting. Working with concrete requires an expert touch, and it’s one that our Brisbane concreters can provide.

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A concreter pours, spreads, smooths and finishes concrete to create flooring or structures around the home. To do so successfully, they need to be able to complete several other important tasks that will determine if the final result is attractive, long lasting and functional.

To start with, if there’s any existing concrete work on a work site, it may need to be removed, or if it’s being restored it will need repairs and reinforcements by cutting joints and fixing cracks in it.

Brisbane concreting work will need to be in line with architectural or engineering restrictions put in place so it’s fully compliant with the law. A foundation trench, concrete slabs and sub base might be required.

The area to be concreted will need to be prepared on site with its form work created typically using timber. The concrete will need to be placed within the form work, levelled or given fall where necessary using a screed, trowel and edger, then if desired a decorative finish can be added using specialised equipment.

Concrete expansion joints might need to be used to prevent cracking and steel reinforcement mesh positioned strategically with in the concrete for extra strength. Items such as steel dowels might be required to connect other structural elements together. Trowelling and floating using specialised machinery might be needed to increase the concrete’s density and ensure the surface is as smooth as possible where required.

After finishing touches such as stencilling, stamping or exposing the concrete to name just a few, it will then need to be cleaned and sealed to create a long lasting, attractive and low maintenance concrete finish.

Knowing how to do all the above requires specialised training and years of experience. It’s why you should only choose professional Brisbane concreters to get the job done.

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Knowing how to do all the above requires specialised training and years of experience. It’s why you should only choose professional concreters of Brisbane to get the job done.

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