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Our concrete driveways offer durability and complement all modern housing designs with a wide range of design and colour choices from exposed aggregate through to coloured concrete. We’re here to help you design and construct the ideal driveway for your home or commercial landscape. Decorative Concrete provides a complete driveway installation service including excavation, drainage, concrete pouring, cutting, cleaning and sealing.

We offer flexible design and shape options within an affordable budget range, and best of all, the maintenance is easy. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craft, and you can count on the quality of our cement driveways. Our friendly staff will ensure your project is delivered on time and above expectations.

  • Offer durability and complement modern housing designs
  • A wide range of flexible design, shape and colour choices
  • We provide a complete driveway installation service
  • An affordable budget range
  • You can count on our driveway quality

Decorative Concrete Driveway Tips

Choosing a solid driveway is a wise choice. Not only does it look good, but it’s also affordable. This doesn’t mean that it’s completely maintenance-free and after years of use you might find that it needs a little TLC. Whether you have a plain, coloured or exposed aggregate concrete driveway, allow us to keep it performing at its best and looking as good as the day you got it.

Concrete Driveway sealing

Sealing is essential to maintain the health of driveway concrete. The constant traffic of cars and their emissions means that you have to create a seal against any harmful chemicals or damaging grit from penetrating the surface.

It’s recommended that you reseal your driveway every second year or so. We start by ensuring the surface is cleaned thoroughly and prepare it appropriately. We then apply the appropriate sealer, applying a double colour coat if necessary to prevent fading and putting control cuts into any critical areas to prevent shrinkage and cracking.

Driveway maintenance

Did you know that a well maintained concrete driveway can last you in excess of three decades?

To get the most out of yours, make sure you do the following:

  • Avoid heavyweights

Heavy loads such as large trucks and vans can place a huge amount of stress on a driveway if they frequently cross it. This can cause ruts and breaks. Avoid parking vehicles like this for prolonged periods of time on your driveway.

  • Treat spills as soon as possible

There’s nothing more unsightly than a large, ugly stain on a driveway, whether it be from chemicals or oil stains. To prevent your driveway needing a resurfacing before its time ensure you treat stains the moment they occur. Cover stains with an absorbent material like cat litter for a few hours. After this, you can dispose of the soiled materials and clean the area with a common household detergent.

  • Treat even small cracks immediately

A small crack can become a wide one before you know it, and it’s common for weeds to start growing in these areas overnight, making any repair more challenging as it will be pulling water to the area. Don’t let this happen.

Make Brisbane Decorative Concrete your go-to driveway maintenance experts. Contact us today for anything driveway related so that we can help. If you are looking for a Concreter in far north Queensland try these guys concrete contractors in Cairns and concrete contractors in Townsville and concrete contractors in Mackay.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. 1.Firstly the excavation and the extent of excavation or fill that needs to be removed. Also whether it is soil or concrete that needs to be dumped. Clean concrete is cheaper to dump than dirty concrete.
  2. Access to where the concrete will be poured also influences the cost. Whether or not we can use a bobcat or if the area being concreted needs to be dug out by hand with manual labour.
  3. Concrete delivery also needs to be considered as to whether the concrete can be placed easily or whether it needs to be manually wheel barrowed in.
  4. The Steel mesh used within the concrete. There are different sizes of mesh commonly known as SL 62 or SL 72, SL 62 is a smaller gage then the SL 72. SL 72 is more commonly used in driveways. SL 62 is commonly used in patios and paths.
  5. Mixes of concrete, certain exposed aggregate mixes cost more. Eg. white stones cost more than the natural darker range of stones. If colour to the cement is desired, this also adds cost.
  6. If tool joins can be applied whilst the concrete is still wet, this can reduce the cost for expansion cutting.

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Concrete Driveways Brisbane
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