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The Pros and Cons Of Using Exposed Aggregate Concrete In Your Home

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular material for patios, your alfresco outdoor entertainment areas, pool surrounds and driveways. It’s durable, impervious to weather and strong enough to support the heaviest of vehicles. And because it can’t be mass-produced, you’ll be guaranteed a unique look when you use it.

If you’re considering this option when renovating your home’s exterior, here are some of the possible disadvantages as well as all the info you need to turn them into advantages.  

1.    It’s difficult to maintain

Many people assume that exposed aggregate concrete requires constant cleaning and maintenance. This is actually the complete opposite. Exposed aggregate concrete is the hardest wearing, lowest maintenance concrete finish available. Even if it has never been sealed and has been neglected for years, your professional team at Decorative Concrete SEQ Pty Ltd can high-pressure water blast and seal your exposed aggregate driveway or patio making it look as good as the day it was first placed. Although it isn’t seen as absolutely necessary to seal exposed aggregate as we do with concrete finishes such as stamped or stencilled concrete, we do still recommend sealing your exposed concrete as it can help prevent stones being dislodged under pressure.

The sealer will also protect from potential stains and it is a deterrent for black mould, preventing it from being able to take hold and growing, the maintenance is easy from then on, simply hose it down at your leisure.

2.      It’s hard to repair

Because an aggregate mixture is unique every time you create it, you might find it hard to recreate the right colour and texture when you need to repair your exposed aggregate concrete surface or flooring. Again, with professional assistance, you will easily be able to repair holes and damage seamlessly as they will have the expertise to recreate your aggregate near perfectly.

3.   It doesn’t suit all areas of the home

Many people believe that if you choose exposed aggregate concrete in one area of the house, it needs to be used everywhere. It’s perfectly acceptable and practical to use one type of surface in one area and then choose something different for another part of the home. For example, you might select a broom-finished concrete surface for around your pool because the non-slip surface makes it a safe option, and you might want a stamped or stencilled decorative concrete finish for your patio or alfresco. There are no rules or limits.

The final combination and choice of flooring are up to you. As long as you have a professional at your side you have nothing to lose and will end up with a result you’ll love.