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Your driveway is the first thing people see when visiting your home, so you want it to look good and function properly for as long as you live there. There’s nothing worse than a weed-ridden, cracked and unkempt looking driveway. If these problems are left unattended, it could lead to structural issues that are expensive and time consuming to fix.

When looking for advice on keeping your driveway looking as good as the day it was poured, who better to ask than Brisbane concreting experts? Here are a few expert-approved tips for concrete driveway maintenance.


A residential driveway isn’t designed to take more weight than a standard vehicle or two. Frequently having dozens of cars parked on it or heavy machinery drive over it is a bad idea and will prematurely wear your driveway down, creating significant cracks and ruts.

If your heavy-duty vehicle must park on your driveway (such as construction vehicle or moving truck) wait at least a month after installing your driveway to allow it to do so. A month is the least amount of time needed for the concrete to cure and harden.


The moment you notice that there’s a stain on your driveway you need to clean it up. Oil and fuel stains are easily removed with hot water and soap or a degreaser, and if there’s an excess on the surface cat litter will absorb the bulk of it. If the stain is stubborn, you might need to bring in a pressure washer. Never use a wire brush or similar object as this can create lasting damage.


Sealing your driveway when it’s installed and every two years or so after that is a good move as it dramatically improves its lifespan, reducing staining, wear and tear. Remember that if your driveway has any cracks, weeks and dents in it, this will need to be dealt with before the sealer is applied. You’ll get the best results from your sealer if you follow the instructions provided, apply several thin coats (allowing each one to dry completely before applying the next) and avoid doing this when the weather is bad.

Follow these steps, and you’ll enjoy your driveway for years to come.

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