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7 Benefits of Installing Decorative Concrete

Aside from a magnificent interior design, the path towards your doorstep also adds beauty to your home. So, don’t just settle for plain concrete for your patios, driveways, paths, shed slabs, and even walls. Decorative concrete is surely a great addition to the aesthetic value of your home. With this, you can customise the concrete according to the design you want, so you won’t just be looking at a flat and grey surface.

What Is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is the creative use of concrete for floors, patios, driveways, patios, and more. While it still serves its purpose as a wall, floor, or patio, it gives an eye-catching appeal to a property.

Decorative Concrete

Why Should You Install Decorative Concrete?

Still deciding between plain concrete and decorative concrete? Here are seven reasons why you should install decorative ones for your house or building:

1. Adds Oomph

Compared to plain concrete’s flat, plain, and rough grey appearance, you can incorporate your preferred colours and patterns for decorative concrete. After the job is done, you’ll find an increase in your building’s visual oomph.

At Brisbane Decorative Concrete, you can customise your concrete’s colour scheme and designs in any way you want. We give you a choice to select from a wide variety of concrete textures, patterns, and tints.

2. Cost-Efficient Yet Classy

If you want your home to look classy inside and outside, decorative concrete will give you the elegance you need. The good thing is it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

With expert hands and the right machinery, concrete can mimic almost any type of material; thus, making the expenses lesser for you. For example, marbles and stones mostly cost more than concrete. But if you opt for stamped concrete, the result will look almost exactly like your preferred material.

3. Damage Resistant

When we install concrete in areas with heavy foot traffic, we know that we cannot prevent people from walking on the surface. Most homeowners worry that their flooring will wear down quickly due to the foot traffic. But with decorative concrete, that wouldn’t be a problem.

This type of concrete installation isn’t only for the eyes. It is also functional and lasts longer even when dropped with heavy weights. Moreover, the material won’t scratch, chip, or scuff that easily because it is sturdy.

With its resistance to damage, you won’t have to worry about moving heavy pieces of furniture inside your home. Plus, you will be guaranteed a durable driveway and walls that your pets can’t scratch.

4. Versatile

As previously mentioned, decorative concrete isn’t only for driveways. You can also install it on walls and fireplaces. Additionally, it will make your patio, porch, or verandah look more attractive.

When you prefer to use decorative concrete for most parts of your home, your expenses for the installation will be lesser. Also, you’ll only have to find one service provider that offers decorative concrete installation, which helps your home building or improvement project be more efficient.

5. Ideal Solution for Heat

In areas where the scorching heat of the sun affects the ones inside the house, homeowners find a way to make their place cooler. However, using the air conditioning system in full blast only increases the electricity consumption. So, people find alternatives to make their surroundings less hot.

One of the benefits you can get from concrete floors or walls is that the movement of heat in the material is slow compared to wood. That is why it helps keep your house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This only means you will pay lesser bills for the air conditioner.

6. Better Air Quality

Concrete has resistance to particular elements, including dirt, dust, and pollen—ensuring household members that they won’t get allergies due to these elements floating in the air. And because the concrete’s surface is non-porous, it will be easier to sweep these allergens.

In addition to that, concrete also has resistance to rot, rust, and termites. Therefore, it provides you with a stronger wall and flooring system as opposed to wood and steel. Bear in mind that wood can attract termites while steel can rust when exposed to moisture.

7. Easy to Maintain

Regular home maintenance can be costly and hassle. But with decorative concrete, this is not something you have to worry about. The material is easy to maintain, and you don’t need expensive machines for it.

If you wish to clean your concrete floors, you only have to use a broom or leaf blower to keep the leaves, dirt, and trash off. And when it comes to waxing the floor, you may do it at least once a year and every four to five years for sealing outdoor concrete.

Different Types of Decorative Concrete

Concrete Cracks

Decorative concrete comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It is also installed in different ways. Here are the various types of decorative concrete. One of them may be the perfect one for your residence:

  1. Stamped – For this concrete style, a stamping mat or mould is pressed on the wet concrete to give texture to a flat surface. In some cases, concreters use this technique to mimic the texture and look of a brick or stone.
  2. Stained – This concrete decorating technique is similar to staining wood. However, it produces translucent tones to the material. The stains can either be acid or water-based. Acid-based stains give off uneven colours, while water-based stains give off even and bright colours.
  3. Overlays – It is perfect for restorative concrete instalment, wherein a new layer of concrete is placed on top of the existing one. After adding a new layer, concreters can then stamp or engrave the surface.
  4. Polished – A chemical densifier is applied for this technique. When the densifier is already dry, a grinder is then used to achieve the desired polishing.
  5. Coloured – Apart from stained concrete, you can also use pigmented inks mixed with alcohol or acetone to achieve coloured concrete.
Set the Perfect Path to a Visually Aesthetic Home

Everyone wants to have an attractive and functional home. Regardless, some people skip beautifying their homes because of the costs it entails. But with Brisbane Decorative Concrete, we will help you set the path to a visually aesthetic home.

Our decorative concrete comes in different designs that fit the overall look of your home. We have over two decades of experience in the industry, and we make sure that our jobs are on time and budget. Call us at 0473-146-366 for more details. Can’t wait to be a part of your home improvement!