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Everything You Should Know About Concrete Resurfacing

There will come a time when your old concrete could benefit from a makeover. And when that time comes, that is when you should consider concrete resurfacing. Through this process, you can improve the aesthetics of your existing surfaces or fix minor damages.

Concrete is known to be a long-lasting and economical material used in the construction of many structures, and this includes driveways. Unfortunately, while concrete driveways are resilient and tough, they can still be susceptible to damages that come in cracking.

If you want to know more about concrete resurfacing, make sure you read on as we will explore more about the procedure. We will touch on the definition of concrete resurfacing, its general process, benefits, limitations, and provide information about where you can avail of a concrete surface upgrade service.

Concrete Resurfacing

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing involves putting an additional decorative layer on top of a concrete surface. Instead of replacing an entire surface and starting from scratch, this allows you to make an old, existing concrete surface look new again without breaking the bank.

Worry not if you think that the old and new concrete will not bond since professionals will make use of special bonding agents to ensure that the overlay will not only get durable, but will also stick and last longer.

What Is the General Process of Concrete Resurfacing?

The general process of concrete resurfacing begins with planning, followed by cleaning, the actual concrete resurfacing, and the drying stage.

1. Planning

The process of pouring new concrete over the existing one begins with planning. Professionals deal with it first by talking with the client about their design needs and wants. The client’s preferred textures, patterns, colours, and other decorative elements are also discussed in this stage. Right after planning, visiting the location is also a must to check the area’s condition.

2. Cleaning

Before adding a new layer, the concrete surface must be clean and free of any loose and flaky concrete and other fragments to ensure that the site is safe and smooth to work on. It is also ideal to power wash the surface to ensure it no longer has any debris left. After cleaning the area, all existing holes and cracks on the concrete must be sealed so they won’t show through in the overlay.

3. Concrete Resurfacing

After priming and applying a thin base coat on the concrete, the area should be ready for concrete resurfacing. The concrete surfacing material should be spread evenly on the surface for a clean and smooth finish. There are several types of concrete resurfacing applications you can utilise for your projects, such as micro topping and thin resurfacing, stamp overlay, self-levelling concrete, and premixed overlay.

4. Drying

Once the resurfacing material dries and bonds successfully with the old concrete, you will now have freshly done aesthetic flooring. It is also smooth for certain resurfacing materials, making it a potential hazard if wet. What could be done next is to improve the grip of the overlay by adding non-sleep coatings, profiling, or roughening.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing?

Through concrete resurfacing, you no longer have to go through the hassle of replacing your concrete from scratch. Other than that, it actually has more than one benefit than you think.

1. Easy Application

Concrete resurfacing is a relatively easy procedure to carry out. Depending on the size of the area, the installation time should at least be 1 to 4 days to complete. You don’t have to wait for weeks before you can use your driveway, garage, and other surfaces.

2. Less Costly

The best part of it all is that it saves you from the potentially high costs that you would incur if you opt for a complete replacement. In addition, it is way more cost-efficient since fewer materials and equipment are used, and it also does not require intense labour.

3. Decoration and Personalisation

It also offers you a chance to bring life to your existing concrete because you can now apply decorative finishes for a more customised look of your floors, driveway, and other concrete surfaces. This process is beneficial for those who want to add a personal touch to old properties they bought.

4. Durability

Do you know that the existing concrete’s structure is also strengthened in the process of adding an overlay? This is because before pouring a new layer of concrete, cracks and other signs of damage on the existing one are sealed and covered. The application of new concrete in itself can also contribute to the durability of the concrete.

5. Longevity and Added Value

Now that your concrete is durable enough, its strength can contribute to its longevity. If done right, the concrete should last up to fifty years. Furthermore, it will also add value to your property in case you decide to sell it.

What Are the Limitations of Concrete Resurfacing?

As much as you want to utilise concrete resurfacing to fix the condition of your existing current, the process has limitations.

  1. If the damage on the concrete is already extensive, concrete resurfacing may not be the best solution. If you will insist on applying an overlay, the large cracks underneath will mirror and it will not look good on the final result.
  2. Another limitation is that if there are underlying soil movement beneath the old concrete that caused structural damage, the surface is not suitable for concrete resurfacing.
  3. Suppose the old concrete has a coating. It could be sealed using epoxy, or it could have etching and stamping. Before adding an overlay, these coating should be removed first.

Where Can You Avail of Concrete Resurfacing?

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